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British travellers in Liguria

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This project, which has run over a long period and is continuing, looks at the activities of British travellers in the north Italian region of Liguria, mostly during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The ways in which travellers experienced local culture, including their artistic and literary reactions to landscape, food and the processes of travel itself have been significant themes. 

Ligurian travellers project



Balzaretti, R., Piana, P., Watkins, C., Rediscovering Lost Landscapes: Topographical Art in North-West Italy, 1800-1920, Boydell & Brewer (2021)

Balzaretti, R., 'Crossing the River Magra in the ‘land of broken bridges’: risk in early nineteenth-century travel narratives', Journal of Risk Research 22.9 (2019)

Balzaretti, R., Bruzzone, R., Watkins, C., Montanari, C., ‘Botanical Relics of a Lost Landscape: Herborizing “upon the Cliffs about the Pharos”. Genoa, March 1664’. Landscape Research. Published online 16 February 2017. 

Balzaretti, R, Pietro Piana, Diego Moreno and Charles Watkins), ‘Topographical art and landscape history: Elizabeth Fanshawe (1779-1856) in early nineteenth-century Liguria’, Landscape History 33 (2012), 65-81. 

Balzaretti, R., ‘Victorian Travellers, Apennine Landscapes and the Development of Cultural Heritage in Eastern Liguria, c. 1875-1914’, History 96 (2011), 436-458.

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