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A history degree can open doors to a huge variety of skills and careers. Some of our past and current students share their stories below. 

Current students

A headshot of Ellie Goodson smiling

Ellie Goodson, History BA

It is my hope that I can go into an academic kind of career where I continue researching and writing essays. It’s what I like doing, so if I get paid to do it one day I’ll be happy as anything!

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Christos Mouis, wearing a pale shirt and smiling against a cream background

Christos Mouis, History MA 

The interdisciplinary side of the MA gives you the freedom to explore topics that aren’t stereotypically ‘history’ and engage with them from a historical perspective.

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A close-up headshot of Emily Oxbury, smiling

Emily Oxbury, Third-year History and Politics BA

Both subjects require a lot of analysis, gathering sources, gathering evidence. That’s translated great into my work at the University Radio Nottingham (URN). There’s a lot of skills that I’ve already seen translate into work scenarios.
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Emily Holmes portrait, taken outside with green leaves in the background

Emily Holmes, History and Politics BA

I definitely think I am better at history for also studying politics, and better at politics for also studying history.
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Daniel wears a thick coat and smiles at the camera

Daniel Shephard, first-year American and Canadian Studies and History BA

Don't worry if you don't make amazing friends in your first week, month or even semester. I've continued making friends throughout my first year.

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A headshot photo of Matt McGinn smiling

Matt McGinn, PhD History

My PhD is an oral history of football and national identity in Galicia. It struck me that this is an area where there hasn't been a great deal of research.
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Our graduates

Bethany Marsh taking a selfie outside and smiling

Dr Bethany Marsh, PhD History graduate (2019)

Completing my PhD was an amazing personal achievement and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend three years exploring an area of historical enquiry that I was passionate about.

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A headshot photo of Jon Rowson in front of a white background

Dr Jon Rowson, PhD History graduate (2020)

My current role greatly benefits from the soft skills I nurtured during my PhD, such as communication skills honed during conference presentations, time management techniques, and adaptability.

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A smiling headshot photo of Freddie Stephenson

Dr Freddie Stephenson, Senior Management Consultant, PhD History graduate (2020)

I consider my PhD to be an important competitive differentiator that enabled me to quickly progress through the ranks and earn recognition through the leading professional bodies in the field.

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Varun Lobo wearing a blue suit and white shirt, standing in front of a window and smiling

Varun Lobo, Workday Consultant at Deloitte, BA American Studies and History graduate (2020)

It’s insane how relatable it is to getting a massive book in the library and taking three or four key points out of it, to what I’m doing now, where I’m getting a huge amount of information and summarising the key points for colleagues. 

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Emma Sharman smiling in a high-vis jacket

Emma Sharman, Graduate Quantity Surveyor, BA History graduate (2020)

In history, I was told from the word go, ‘you’ve got to be able to present your case, present your argument’. You’ve got to be able to negotiate. Now, I am negotiating with sub-contractors over price!
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Headshot of Emma Pluck, smiling, against a white background

Emma Pluck, Principal at Capgemini Invent, BA History graduate (2009)  

I absolutely loved my time at Nottingham. With history, it’s a lot of digesting different arguments and trying to come up with a solution or helping to answer a question around a problem statement.
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A headshot of Rachel Ashdown wearing a blazer and smiling

Rachel Ashdown, Commissioning Editor for Entertainment, BBC, BA History graduate (1993)

I loved finding out about things that had gone before and the course at Nottingham was very broad. You just literally did a bit of everything and that was what appealed.
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