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Connecting Human-AI Interaction Researchers 2023

C10 Monica Partridge building
Friday 23rd June 2023 (10:30-16:00)
Lydia Farina

CHAIR 2023: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Human/AI Interaction organised by the Department of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, Horizon, University of Nottingham and the Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham

Link to join this event online via MS Teams

The aim of the CHAIR workshop is to contribute to network building and create an infrastructure to kick-start new partnerships and research collaborations between the different disciplines working on the field of Human/AI Interaction e.g. Computer Science, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, Engineering, Neuroscience, Sociology, Anthropology etc. 

This workshop combines perspectives from different research areas focusing on Human/AI Interaction and more particularly in the areas of emotion and empathy, security, vulnerability, trust and responsibility relating to AI systems. We are interested in abroad range of questions related to Human/AI interaction such as the following:

·   What emotions are generated when using non-invasive or invasive AI applications e.g Brain Computer Interfaces and how should these be regulated?

·     What challenges do we face in our attempt to widen the use of AI systems by the wider public whilst at the same time minimising the lack of transparency involved in several areas e.g. machine learningdata mining etc.?

·     How can we increase user confidence that the use of AI systems will be safe from external physical/cyber threats or that it will not render users vulnerable to algorithmic bias?

·     How can we improve legal and regulatory frameworks to increase trust and avoid harms in the use of AI systems and who is responsible for alleviating these harms?

·      How can we facilitate knowledge exchange across disciplinary boundaries to bring about a paradigm change in scientific discovery and research methods in this area? 


10:45- 1100: Coffee and Welcome

11.00-11.45: Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly, Professor of Embodied Intelligence, University of Nottingham; Redefining the praxis of control when considering AI adaptation of assistive (robotics) technology – exploring the trade-offs between safety vs agency

11.45- 12.00: Coffee break

12.00- 12.45: Dr Anna Chatzimichali, University of Bath; Embedded Intelligence Empathy in Design

12.45- 14.00: Lunch break

14.00-15.00 Round Table discussions  


The workshop has received funding from the Faculty of Arts at UoN through the receipt of the Corn Seed Collaborative Award.


The workshop will take place face to face at University Park, UoN but can also be attended online.


Registration is necessary. Register for in person or online attendance via the link above.


If you have questions about the workshop, please direct them to and 


·     Lydia Farina, (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham)

·     Anna-Maria Piskopanni, (Research Fellow, Horizon, University of Nottingham)

·     Helena Webb, (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Nottingham)

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