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Live lectures and subject talks are taking place during June and July for Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies, Classics & Archaeology, History, and Music in the School of Humanities and the Faculty of Arts.  

Join our live sessions or catch up on those you missed through Virtually Nottingham

You can catch up on our live lectures and subject talks to experience what it’s like studying at University. To learn something new – select ‘Live lectures’ a lecture that sparks your interest or if you’d like to meet a tutor and find your ideal course – select ‘Subject talks’ and look through our range of subject areas.

Join our sessions or catch up via the Virtually Nottingham portal.

Here is a list of dates for our introductions and talks. Recordings of sessions you have missed will be available approximately a fortnight after the event

Subject talks

24 June - Foundation arts & humanities: introduction and overview

24 June - Studying a new subject at university in the Faculty of Arts

25 June - Archaeology: introduction and overview

29 June - Ways to Study History: exploring the study of history through different course specialisms and/or joint honours

30 June - Classical Civilisation and Ancient History Courses: introduction and overview

6 July - Theology & Religious Studies: introduction and overview

10 July - Philosophy: Introduction and overview

20 July - History: Introduction and overview

22 July - Music: Introduction and overview


Live Lectures

26 June - Roman satire does social distancing - Martial and disgusting kisses (Classics)

26 June - Zootherapy – ‘walking pharmacies’ (Archaeology)

29 June - China’s rise - modernity with Chinese characteristics? (History)

30 June - Game of Kings and Queens (History)

2 July - Does the night have a history? (History)

3 July - Should Buddhists be social activists? (Philosophy)

6 July - Our place in this world - why virtue and flourishing are more important life-goals than ever (Theology & Religious Studies)

7 July - Understanding Artificial Intelligence (Philosophy)

22 July - Can musicals change our world view? (Music)

The booking form for live events and details of catch-up videos can be found via the Virtually Nottingham portal here




Posted on Friday 10th July 2020

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