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Paul Hanmer

PG Student, Faculty of Arts


  • workRoom CO1 Humanities Building, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD
    University Park
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I am a (part time) PG student with the Philosophy Department. I live (and work) in Hull, East Yorkshire and travel regularly to Nottingham to meet my academic supervisors, Professor Noonan and Professor Mumford.

Expertise Summary

I am interested in the philosophical analysis of modal statements - statements about what must be the case or could be the case. I am particularly interested in the conceptual analysis provided by David Lewis' modal translation scheme which "translates" modal statements into statements of predicate logic. On a normal reading, the use of the existential quantifier of predicate logic appears to commit Lewis to the existence of an infinity of non-actual, possible worlds where the translated modal statements are true. The nature of philosophical method(s) is an open question in Philosophy and is relevant to Lewis' translation scheme in a number of ways: what is the influence of a common sense weltbild and is this influence justified? Is the analysis circular and if so is the circularity vicious or benign? What is the paradox of analysis and is it applicable to Lewis' account of modality? What is advanced modality and does it represent a threat to the accuracy (completeness) of Lewis' account? Does the necessary existence of non-actual possible worlds facilitate or hinder our modal thoughts and language - modal relevance?

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