China Policy Institute

China Policy Institute

The China Policy Institute (CPI) is a major centre of expertise on contemporary China and is explicitly outward-facing, drawing on a network of internal and non-resident senior fellows to engage with a range of stakeholders in government, business, civil society and the media.

Our network of academic China specialists facilitates evidence-based policy and decision-making through a program of engagements and dialogues.

China Policy Institute

Asia Dialogue: China

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  • Inequality in China: Population Counts and Spatial Price Differences,
    Written by John Gibson A common perception is that economic inequality in China has risen during the reform era that began in 1978. This claim is made in studies that focus on individual income shares, such as in the World Inequality Report and is also seen in studies that focus on the trends in various […]
  • Google’s China Problem
    Written by Min Jiang. Without virtue, the most complete collection of talents is worthless. – Chinese Proverb 2018: #Dragonfly Dragonfly is the code name for Google’s secret project – a censored mobile search app custom-made for the Chinese market that would blacklist and filter topics including human rights, democracy, religion and peaceful protests. When reporter […]
  • The Chinese Cyber Sovereignty Concept (Part 2)
    Written by Niels Nagelhus Schia and Lars Gjesvik. This continues from part 1. International responses to China’s use of the concept of cyber sovereignty. The international responses to China’s attempts to apply the cyber sovereignty concept in practice have been overshadowed in the west by Chinese industrial espionage and hacking, even though the former might […]

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The institute is part of the University's Governance and Public Policy Research Priority Area.



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