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Organise an event

Are you great at getting people together? Maybe you have a soft spot for dancing, a love of wacky hairstyles or even a desire to wear fancy dress for the day?

But before you get stuck in, here are some quick tips to help your event run smoothly.


Find the idea that’s right for you

There are lots of fantastic ways to fundraise - a great starting point is to find something you enjoy doing. Could you hold a cake sale, organise an office dress down day or get people together for a dance or quiz night?

Your event can be as big – or as little – as you like.


Get planning 

Put some time into the planning and you’ll reap the rewards. Choose a date that works for you and for those you want to get involved (friends, family, colleagues) – making sure it doesn’t clash with other events. Choose a venue that has all the facilities you need – from enough space inside to parking outside. You’ll also need to check the venue’s public liability insurance to make sure it covers the owners’ liability risks. 


Set your budget

Prepare a simple budget which includes the costs you expect to incur (promotion, venue, materials) and estimate how much money will come in. Don’t be afraid to ask suppliers for support – they may offer a discount or donate goods or time.  Local companies might also be willing to sponsor your event or provide a raffle prizes. 


Spread the word 

Tell people about your activity. Ask friends, family and colleagues to help you. Get the word out through social media or by putting up posters or leaflets. And don’t forget to tell us too – we can help you drum up interest. 


Enjoy your event

After all the hard work is done and the day is finally here, make sure you time to have some fun too. You’ve done something fantastic – enjoy it! 

100% of every penny you raise will go direct to the cause of your choice. 

Thank you for supporting us.

Pay in your money

It’s easy to send us the funds you've raised. You can send a cheque payable to The University of Nottingham to:

Community Fundraising Manager, The University of Nottingham, Campaign and Alumni Relations Office, Ground Floor Pope Building, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Or email us at for our bank details.

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