Top fundraising tips

Whether you're a seasoned fundraising superstar or raising money for the first time - we're here to help.

We've compiled our top ten fundraising tips for some inspiration. You can also download our Nottingham Life Cycle 7 fundraising pack (pdf).  

If you would like to talk to someone about your fundraising, or share your fundraising news, please do get in touch.

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Make your fundraising event a success with our top 10 tips

1. Start early

Planning your event can take time, so start early! Tell your family and friends about what you're doing and ask them to donate, cheer you on, or help you promote your event. A great way to raise those first few pounds. 


2. Sponsorship page

The easiest way of getting sponsored is to set up a JustGiving page. Follow our simple guide to create your own page. Once created, you can forward your link by email or social media and ask for sponsorship. 


3. If you don't ask...

Don't be afraid to ask for sponsorship. The worst anyone can say is "no". A personal approach often works best, so talk to people or email them individually. Remember to tell them:

  • What you're doing
  • Why you're doing it
  • How much more you need to raise to meet your target
  • What their contribution will help you achieve
  • Fundraising deadline (the date you want to have all funds collected)


4. Easy money

However you collect your donations, ask UK taxpayers to tick the Gift Aid box on your JustGiving page or sponsorship form. That means we'll receive 25p extra from the government for every £1 donated.


5. Spread the word

Why not give a talk about your event at your community group, school or workplace? Don't forget to ask local stores, doctors and newsagents if you can display posters or flyers promoting your event.


6. Get connected 

The internet is a great way to get publicity. You could:

  • Create an event page on Facebook with a link to your JustGiving page
  • Write a blog about your event
  • Give weekly updates via Twitter about how much you've raised

One simple way to raise awareness is to add a signature to the bottom of your emails giving details about your event.


7. Double your money

Ask your employer if they have a matched giving scheme. They could make a big difference by doubling the money you raise.


8. Jump start your donations

There are lots of ways to boost your fundraising. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a quiz night (charge teams to enter)
  • Organise a bake sale
  • Ask colleagues to donate one cup of coffee
  • Organise a dress down day at work and ask everyone to donate £1

Check out our A-Z of fundraising for other creative ways of meeting your target.


9. A picture tells a thousand words

Make sure there's someone to take photos of your activity or event. These are vital for getting press coverage and donations after your event, and they could inspire other people. Don't forget to share your photos with us too - email or share on social media. 


10. We can help

Get in touch with our Community Fundraising manager and let us know what you're doing so we can help promote your event.

Call: +44 (0)115 74 84809

We can also send you collection tins and lots of other materials - we're with you all the way!

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