Children's brain tumour research


Help create a brighter future for children with brain tumours 

Our researchers and clinicians at the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) are at the forefront of leading-edge research. They have helped save the lives of hundreds of children and given a brighter future to many more. 

20 years since the centre first opened its doors, we are celebrating the tremendous leaps in diagnosis and treatment made possible thanks to the belief and backing of our supporters.

Today, thanks to research like ours, the average time taken to diagnose a child with a brain tumour has halved. 7 out of ten children will now survive a brain tumour - more than ever before. 

Yet brain tumours remain the biggest cancer-killer of children, receiving less than 1% of the UK's cancer research funding. 

Two-thirds of those who do survive are also left with life-long disabilities - a result of the damage caused by the tumour itself and the intensive treatments needed to save their young lives.

We believe that these children deserve the best. Our aim is to give every child with a brain tumour the very best chance to continue their young lives free from major disabilities - with a bright, independent future ahead of them. 

With your support, we can continue our vital research for the next 20 years and beyond.      

Olivia, a young patient at the CBTRC, clutches her teddy bear.


Together we can make a difference 

HeadSmart guidance leaflet - helping people spot the signs of a childhood brain tumour

We can find tumours earlier

Despite significant improvements, survival rates in the UK for children with brain tumours are still among the lowest in Europe. As a tumour grows, it inflicts progressive injury within the brain. By diagnosing a tumour early, we can help reduce this damage.

Our researchers are working to strengthen national diagnosis guidelines, making it easier for more people to take action fast to help save a child’s life. 

Researcher working at our Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre
You can help us unlock the complexities of brain tumours

Not all brain tumours are the same. The different types can affect children in a range of ways. Within the CBTRC, we are working to find the best ways of treating the different tumour types.

This includes investigating the molecular biology of cancer cells and the role of genetics; alongside developing high-resolution imaging techniques.    
A young girl playing with lego with her dad at the Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre

We can make existing cancer treatments safer and more effective 

We each have a blood-brain-barrier which protects our body, stopping bacteria and toxins from reaching our brains or central nervous system. Our researchers are working on ways to bypass these natural defences to target the tumour directly. This year, the CBTRC will launch the world’s first research consortium dedicated to drug delivery for children’s brain tumours.

By finding innovative ways to get these drugs directly into the tumour, we can use lower doses - helping protect the healthy brain and body. 



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