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Cascade Grants Programme – Open for Applications

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Cascade Grants Programme has funded over £1 million to more than 120 projects since 2007. The Programme uses donations from alumni and friends of the University to support projects which enhance the student experience and cascade the positive impact students have, to create a university without borders. Staff and students can apply to solve problems and improve lives, making a significant impact on communities locally and globally.

After taking a break in 2018, the Programme is back with thematic areas to support the University’s strategy:

  • Connecting campuses & communities
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Enhancing teaching & learning experiences
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Global citizenship
  • Healthy bodies & minds

If you’re interested in applying, or would like further information, please complete this Expression of Interest Form or email the Cascade Team at

Cascade applications are reviewed once per term (usually late November, March and May). The deadline for the next round of applications is Friday 15 November.


Previously funded projects


This project set up Nottingham’s first social supermarket and a surplus food redistribution network, to reduce food waste and to redirect food that is fit for consumption, but would otherwise go to waste.
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Community First Responders

Set up in 2014, Community First Responders are a group of trained student volunteers who act as an additional resource to the East Midlands Ambulance Service. 

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Thinking of crowdfunding? Here's a quick guide


Crowdfunding & Peer to Peer fundraising – is it right for your project?
The fundamental question you need to ask is: can I identify a network of people who are likely to pledge to my cause? Start with those closest to you and work outwards. It can help to create a mind map of your potential network before you even start planning. No matter how great your project is – nobody will donate to it unless you promote your page to them! Here are a couple of guides you may find helpful: a general guide to crowdfunding and a guide to promoting your project.
I’m raising funds for one of the University projects which the Campaign Office has identified as a priority.
Great! You can use our Just Giving Account, which will mean you don’t incur platform fees, and the project also stands to benefit from some extra cash in the form of gift aid. When you set up your Just Giving page, select ‘University of Nottingham’ as the charity, and be sure to mention the project in your description.
I’m a student or member of staff raising funds for a big department-wide project.
For a large departmental project – say one aiming to raise a 5 figure sum - you may be able to use the University’s Just Giving account which would bring you some benefits such as zero platform fees. Please make sure you have approval from your Head of School or Department, and then contact with a brief description of what your project is.
I’m a student raising funds so I can go on an internship/study abroad/volunteer for a good cause.
You can use sites like, or to raise money for your project. These will give you flexibility and generally mean that the funds will go directly into your account. Please make sure you have assessed the risk involved with your project – both to you as an individual, and to the reputation of the University. It’s a good idea to run your project by a senior person in your department.
I’m part of a Students’ Union society, volunteering group or student led service.
Please contact who can guide you on the best ways to raise funds for your project. As a first step, you will need to make sure that your fellow members (for example, the society committee) are supportive of your project.


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