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2016 Collaborators meeting in London

London 2016
Representatives of the 12 research groups taking part in the InterPregGen study met in London recently for the annual consortium meeting. As the study nears its end, this was an opportunity to review what has been achieved since it started in November 2011. The InterPregGen study has made some important discoveries about changes in DNA which affect the risk of pre-eclampsia developing during pregnancy, which will be announced during the coming months. These results will help us to understand the causes of pre-eclampsia, and to develop tests that predict which pregnancies are at highest risk. These achievements have been possible as a result of close co-operation between researchers from Europe (Finland, Iceland, Norway and the UK) and Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) which will ensure that high quality research into the causes of pre-eclampsia will continue for many years to come. All this is only possible because of the thousands of pregnant women and their families who have helped by taking part in the study – thank you all.
Posted on Friday 17th June 2016

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