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ISAC is your access point to The University of Nottingham (UoN) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) surface and interface facilities and expertise. We specialise in providing top quality analysis and understanding of the physical and chemical properties of material surfaces, interfacial interactions and near-surface phenomena.

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A cereal grain sample prepared for analysis

Materials Characterisation

Understanding Surfaces and Interfaces with ISAC

Biomolecular Analysis

Laser optical systems can be used to probe material surfaces

Biointerfacial Engineering



Commercial Services at ISAC

We can help you better understand the performance of your products and solve critical issues. From chemical identification to microscopic visualisation, mechanical testing to biological assays, ISAC offers a complete suite of analytical capabilities.

With world leading experts in materials characterisation, nanotechnology, biomedical surfaces, mechanical engineering and beyond, ISAC can be your gateway to quality analysis and interpretation in a variety of scientific and industrial applications (e.g. manufacturing processes, failure analysis and product development).

Our key areas of expertise include:

Materials Characterisation

    • From chemical identification and mapping to mechanical property assessment, microstructural analysis and more.
    • Analyse a broad range of materials including pharmaceuticals, machine components, performance coatings, polymers, cosmetics, foodstuffs, textiles, geological samples etc

Biomolecular Analysis

    • Quantification and qualification of the biological functions of molecular assemblies, cells, tissues and organisms.
    • Biomolecular imaging and kinetics to determine the structure and behaviour of biological molecules.


    • Understand and control matter at the very smallest scales, from around 100 nanometres down to the dimensions of single atoms.
    • Morphological, tribological and physicochemical analysis to advance system formulation, design and performance. 

Biointerface and Materials Engineering

    • Design, analysis and application of functional biointerfaces.
    • Applied surface modification and analysis, self-assembled materials, cell surface interactions, polypeptide and enzymatic systems.

To see and learn more about some of the important instruments and techniques we use as part of these areas of expertise visit our facilities page.

For some examples of how we have helped previous customers with queries and problems, see our case studies.

 For further information, or to make an enquiry into our facilities and capabilities please contact us.

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