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Video conferencing and broadcasting

Communicate and collaborate or broadcast with others.

About our services

Video conferencing and broadcast solutions range from group meetings to webinars and symposiums. For the University we have a number of services that can be used to host meetings, conferences and broadcasts to internal or external audiences. 

Services we offer: 

For descriptions of each service and guidance, see below.

  • If these services do not meet your requirements, please contact Campus IT support for further advice.
  • For case studies and scenarios using these services, read our Virtual Broadcast SharePoint site (log in required).

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Please note that internal meetings or University hosted events should only use approved services.

Microsoft Teams

A Teams Meeting

  • is the preferred choice for all internal and external meetings
  • can host up to 250 people (currently 350 until September 2020) (including presenters) and that can include anyone from inside or outside the University
  • provides a central chat space, optional event recording, and live interactivity between meeting attendees
  • can be shared via a web link to allow anyone to join, and there are options you can set to help keep the event on track

Guidance for setting up a Teams Meeting (log in required)

Engage (Echo360)

Engage is our primary choice for providing recorded lectures or seminars. Recordings or streams can be shared to a public audience, by setting a course to public.

There are no limits on the number of viewers. A stream can be presented from lecture theatres or personal capture devices. Multiple live streams can be shared to a public course. A public course does not allow interaction with chat and questions. 

Guidance on creating a live streamed event with Echo360 (Moodle log in)

Microsoft Live Events

We are working with media production specialists from across the University to organise and prepare this new service.

A Live Event

  • is a streamed broadcast that can reach many thousands of people. It is hosted within Microsoft 365 and brings presenters together in a shared space.
  • requires support to schedule, as the number of concurrent streams is limited, and assistance is needed with producing.
  • can be limited to specific groups of people, be available to all of the University, or be made public.
  • can be recorded, have closed captions (with auto translation), and host a text based moderated Q&A.

More information can be found on the Virtual Broadcast Group SharePoint site:

Find out more here (log in required)

StarLeaf video conferencing suites

Communicate with room-based video conference systems and mobile or desktop users

StarLeaf is available to staff on request. Video conferencing suites can be used to host meetings across campuses, for worldwide interviewing, multi-site group work and distance learning. Staff can also join a video conference using StarLeaf on their mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Read more for booking a call, locations, help and guidance

Booking a call

Before booking a video conferencing call, please consider the following:

Type of call

  • Two-way i.e. one location to one location
  • Multi-site i.e. one location to numerous locations. Not all suites are capable of multi-site connections so check which type of call you need before booking

Other site(s)

You will need the following information about the other site(s) you are calling before you can book the call:

  • The IP address of the other unit(s)
  • Location

Submit a video conference booking request

Please give a minimum of three full working days notice


Video Conferencing suites are centrally bookable via the Timetabling Office.

University Park
  • Law and Social Sciences A103
  • Sir Clive Granger Building A43
  • Trent A19 (Trent Committee Room)
Jubilee Campus
  • Exchange Building B35a
  • Dearing Building C47
  • Si Yuan Centre A22
King's Meadow Campus
  • Training Room C10

Microsoft Teams

If a Video Conferencing suite is not required or unavailable, we recommend all University staff use Microsoft Teams.

For more information, guides and how to use Teams, view the Office 365 SharePoint site:

Meeting Online in Teams (log in required)

Help and support

Campus IT support can provide technical support throughout a video conferencing call, if required. For bookings between 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday this service is free, but outside of these hours there is a charge for technical support.

For support, or to arrange a system demonstration, please contact the Campus IT support team for the location of your booked room.

Contact Campus IT support User guide and FAQs


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