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Known issues

Known issues affecting University services and any workarounds

Are you aware of an issue that is not yet listed here? Let us know by contacting the IT Service Desk

On-going incidents can be found on Service Status.


Email Access for New PGR/Staff/Associate staff 

A small number of new Post Graduate Researchers, staff and associate staff are experiencing difficulty setting up email on their mobile or desktop applications. This issue will be resolved by the end of October 2016.

If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact the IT Service Desk, Campus IT Support or your local Smart Bar for help.

Email access via web and local client

We are aware that a small number of email users continue to experience problems accessing their email account via Outlook Web Access (i.e. and local email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, mobile clients).

Please refer to the advice and guidance below.

Outlook Web Access (

  1. Restart your client device (PC, Macbook, smartphone, tablet) unless you have done so already
  2. Ensure you are logging in via
  3. Clear your web browser cache/delete temporary internet files (how you do this will depend on the web browser you are using)
  4. Try a different web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  5. Log in via using ( or (e.g. and your usual IT password
  6. Check if you are able to login to other University services using the same username and password (reset your password if not)

Local client (e.g. PC, Macbook, smartphone, tablet)

  1. Restart your client device (PC, Macbook, smartphone, tablet) unless you have done so already
  2. Check the email settings - please check the email webpage for more details 
  3. If you have changed your IT password recently and are using a personal device, ensure this has been updated on that device

Still having issues?

If you are still having difficulties resolving your email issue staff and students are encouraged to visit the Smart Bars for assistance.

Staff can also raise a support request from their local Campus IT support team but may find that a visit to the Smart Bar offers a more immediate response.

We will continue to provide updates on Service Status.

Websites appearing unsecure on Chrome

We are currently aware that some websites appear unsecure when using Chrome. Users may find that the http(s):// will appear with a red cross through it or an amber alert.

This is due to the security certificates that are due to expire. The security of the sites are not compromised and will still be secure to users.

Information Services are working through the sites to update the certificates and these should be complete by the end of June 2016

Email Phishing attempts

Information Services would like to remind staff and students to be vigilant against emails designed to trick them into giving out confidential details. This kind of email is particularly prevalent at this time of year when we have new and returning students starting back.

These 'phishing' emails can claim to be from legitimate sources such as Microsoft or your bank and sometimes claim to be from the University themselves and some can even appear to come from a University email account.

The University, banks and other financial bodies should NEVER ask you to supply personal details by email. Please do not reply to these emails and do not supply your personal details following a web link.

The University's spam service should filter out these type of emails however some do make it through as they can look very genuine.

If you receive a email you feel is suspicious please report the email to the IT Service Desk on 0115 95 16677 or log a call online.

Turnitin - Feedback for submitted coursework

Some users are experiencing difficulties when trying to access feedback on submitted coursework in particular web browsers.

It is recommended that users complete this task by using Internet Explorer or Chrome as opposed to other browsers until this issue is fixed. We are waiting on a resolution from the third party.

Agresso - Punchout not working for some suppliers

IS are aware that some SciQuest punchouts are not working for particular suppliers due to security restrictions and mixed content.

It is advised that users run this in Internet Explorer 11 or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and that popups are allowed for this site.

You can request instructions from the IT Service Desk on 0115 95 16677 or log a call online.

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