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UoN Box

A cloud-based file storage and collaboration service.

What services does UoN BOX provide?

In addition to allowing uploading and editing a variety of file types, BOX also allows users to:

  • add collaborators to folders
  • sync Box with desktop folders for one-step editing
  • include Box file links in the place of email attachments for more efficient collaboration
  • link Box accounts to third-party apps and services for easy content management and surfacing
  • track account activity via notification subscriptions
  • view account content and activity on mobile devices from any location

UoN Box accounts provide users with free unlimited storage, however, there are limits in terms of upload speeds and maximum file size.


Box must not be used to store and share Highly Confidential information. For example: 

  • Personally identifiable health information,
  • Personally identifiable charge or conviction data,
  • National security information or,
  • Equivalent highly confidential material. 

Why use BOX?

Box offers unlimited storage, includes a range of file viewers, supports adding metadata (to help with managing/finding data) and data can be retained when staff leave the University - this is critical to ensure that research teams do not lose data when a team member, for example a PhD student, leaves.

The University recommends Box for data generated, processed and analysed as part of your research. Box makes it easy to share data and offers automated back-up to ensure your valuable research data is not lost.

Box has a wealth of collaborative features in comparison to Dropbox.  Compare BOX and Dropbox

Who is the service for?

UoN Box is available to all current UoN research staff, across all three of our international campuses UK, China UNNC and Malaysia UNMC.

What does the service cost?

Free at point of use.

How do I access the service?

Please take the time to read our Getting started information to find out how to set up your UoN BOX account.

How do I get BOX?

More about BOX

Our Workspace guide to BOX has more detailed information about the service. You'll need to log in with your University username and password.

What is BOX?

BOX Security

Support for BOX

Terms of service for BOX

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