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High Performance Computing - Regional

Regional facilities allowing researchers to access specialist HPC centres to perform large-scale calculations and analysis.

Who is the service for?

A collection of 6 regional High Performance Compute centres which provide academia and industry with access to powerful computers to support research in Engineering and the Physical Sciences. Funded through a £20 million pound investment from the EPSRC, officially launched in March 2017.

These centres provide a wide range of compute architectures to support a range of research areas. National access, for all researchers outside of the Tier-2 hubs, will be offered to  centres through calls for proposals issued three times per year in conjunction with ARCHER RAP calls. These calls will be advertised on the EPSRC website (starting summer 2017).

Peta 5: University of Cambridge

  • A National Facility for Petascale Data Intensive Computation and Analytics. The system supports multi-disciplinary research utilising large-scale data simulation and high performance analytics enabling advances in materials science, computational chemistry, computational Engineering and health informatics.

The materials Modelling Hub: UCL

  • A national facility available to members of the Materials and Molecular Modelling (MMM) Hub and Tier-2 communities, named Thomas after Thomas Young, will be applied to research in the areas of Energy, Healthcare and the Environment.

Joint Academic Data Science Endeavour (JADE): Oxford

  • JADE will comprise the largest GPU facility in the UK, which will focus on machine learning and related data science areas and molecular dynamics. With applications in natural language understanding, autonomous intelligent machines, medical imaging and drug design.

GW4 Isambard

  • The GW4 Alliance, (The Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter) together with Cray Inc. and the Met Office, has been awarded £3m by EPSRC to deliver a new Tier 2 high performance computing (HPC) service for UK-based scientists. This unique new service, named ‘Isambard’ after the renowned Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, will provide multiple advanced architectures within the same system in order to enable evaluation and comparison across a diverse range of hardware platforms.


  • Housed at EPCC's Advanced Computing Facility, Cirrus is a flexible, state-of-the-art High Performance Computing system that provides an ideal platform for users to solve their computational, simulation, modelling, and data science challenges.
  • Cirrus is one of the EPSRC Tier-2 National HPC Facilities and is available for users in both academia and industry.

HPC Midlands Plus

  • Tier 2 HPC centre with a focus on Engineering and Physical Sciences, funded by EPSRC. HPC Midlands Plus replaces the previous regional Tier 2 facility, ‘Mid Plus’.

What does the service cost?

Free at point of use.

Technical specification and access

Further information on the technical specification of each system can be obtained by following the URL link.

Find out more here from EPSRC

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