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Recording lectures using 'Engage'

Engage records both presentations and audio/video of the presenter and enables active learning. 

What is Engage?

Engage is Nottingham’s active learning platform delivered by Echo360. Not only does it make audio and visual recordings of teaching sessions, it also offers engagement tools, learning analytics and the ability to live stream. Engage does much more than just record lectures.

Engage is available for all staff and students, in all teaching rooms and can also be installed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The log in is the format of your University email address:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students:
  • Postgraduate Researchers and Staff:

Please note, you will be redirected to Ping Identity. Sign On with your email address and University password.

Log in to Engage

Guidance and training materials

The following Moodle pages provide support and all you need to know about Engage. There you will find information about: 

  • The features of Engage
  • How to use Engage in the classroom
  • How to install Engage on personal devices
  • Engage FAQs

Introduction to Engage for Staff

Introduction to Engage for Students

Using Engage and further information

The Engage services does not need to be booked. Engage is available in all teaching rooms – you simply need to log into Engage by clicking the Echo360 icon on the computer desktop, or use Personal Capture on your own device.

For more information on Engage, see below: 

Where is Engage available?

Engage is available in all teaching rooms and can also be installed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The service can be used with any web browser so you don’t need to worry about extra devices such as clickers.

Content produced in Engage can also be accessed via a link within related Moodle modules.


Why is Engage used at Nottingham?

STUDENTS want recordings of teaching sessions so that they can review content at the time, place, and pace that works for them. They want relief from the pressure of note-taking in class and they believe that having access to recordings reduces their anxiety about mastering difficult concepts.

STAFF want a system that is easy to use and has minimal impact upon their style of teaching. They want to choose when and how recordings are made and published, and they want a service that helps them to increase student engagement with their teaching.


What are the benefits of using Engage?
Engage has tools to engage students in teaching (for example, voting and quizzes) and to provide data about learning - but without any need to change the way you teach. Whether you’re using it for classroom sessions, for labs and field work, to support ‘flipped’ or blended learning, to create content with personal capture, or to assess the impact of your teaching and the needs of your students, Engage puts you in control.

How is Engage used at Nottingham?
Engage is an opt-in service and you are in control of starting, editing, and publishing the recordings, and of the student engagement and analytics tools that you can use. If you are recording, you have the choice of whether to record video: it isn’t necessarily needed. Often a basic recording of your audio and the lecture slides is what your students want.

Help and support

Campus IT support can provide technical support for the Engage service.

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