Applying from overseas

Cost of Living

There will be various costs associated with living in the UK that you should allow for when preparing for your move.

  • Rent/Mortgage
    Rents can vary from around £200-£270 per month for one room to around £450+ per month for a house.  You would be expected to pay a deposit when you sign a rental agreement.  Sometimes, a rental agreement will also include some of the other bills listed below.
  • Water
    Rates can range from £180-£400 per year depending on the size and usage of the property.  Severn Trent supply water to Nottingham.
  • Gas and Electricity
    There are a number of suppliers and costs will vary.
  • Council Tax
    A Tax paid to local authorities for the provision of services such as rubbish collection, police, fire services and street maintenance. The cost depends on the value of the property you are living in, and the number of people over 18 years of age living there.
  • Television Licence
    You need a licence if you have a television, and you could be fined if you don’t have one. The cost of £145.50 can be spread over the year.
  • Telephone and internet
    Various deals are available with a variety of internet service providers. Packages range from £15-£30 per month for Broadband depending on your requirements. Most companies ask you sign a 12 month contract, so ensure you have the right package for you.
  • Insurance
    Most people choose to insure personal belongings and household possessions.  There are comparison websites which can help you compare prices, for example and
  • Car Costs
    Road tax, MOT and Car insurance are all requirements to run a car in the UK.  See the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) website for more information.  Take care if you are buying a second hand car, although new cars are more costly.
  • Public Transport Costs
    The University is well served by public transport, including frequent and reliable bus links to the city centre, railway station and other areas of Nottingham.

A currency calculator can help you to understand the costs compared to the currency in your home country.

Compare broadband, TV and phone deals, which is an Ofcom approved independent broadband comparison site. "Our comparison listings are completely impartial and updated on a daily basis to ensure prices are always correct."


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In the countries I lived before, I never paid council tax. The amount that we have to pay annually can be surprising for a newcomer.

Dr Hadi Susanto
Lecturer, from Indonesia


The other cost I hadn’t expected is car insurance.  This is compulsory in the UK, and the cost really depends on various things, including your driving history, the vehicle, available parking, etc. Usually the first year is quite expensive. See The Quoteline Direct  which will give you some idea of the cost of insurance, and allow you to compare different insurance companies.

Miwa Hirono
Research Fellow, from Japan








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