Applying from overseas


It is advisable to open a bank or building society account and deposit your money as soon as possible after arrival in the UK.

Before you leave home, talk to your bank and find out it they have any links with banks in the UK.  It may also help to bring a letter from your bank manager with you to confirm your account history.  Different banks or building societies may ask you for different documents to open an account; you may want to check this with them before arriving.

There are lots of different banks / building societies and accounts to choose from, and we recommend that you look into the various options to see which is best for you.  Two banks - NatWest and Santander  - have branches on our University Park campus, and NatWest also have a branch on Jubilee Campus.  There are also plenty of other banks in the areas surrounding the University.

Your bank or building society may give you a card and cheque book, which are safer ways to make transactions and access your money, rather than carrying cash around with you.

Last edited Jan 04, 2018

Withdrawing cash from a cash machine



Video: Liz Marsden - Natwest Bank
Opening a UK bank account
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