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UK bank notesYour initial salary and salary scale (if applicable) will be set out in your letter of appointment.

Your salary will be paid by the Payroll Section by Bank Credit Transfer monthly into your bank or building society account, one month in arrears, on the penultimate working day of the calendar month. You will receive an itemised pay slip every month.

If you work part-time, the salary payable will be fixed in proportion to the full-time annual salary. For example, if you work 50% of a full-time post then your pro-rata salary will be 50% of the full-time salary.

Some common questions about salaries and payment are answered below; further information is available on the University’s Payroll Section web pages.

What documents do I need to provide in order to get paid?

1. A Staff Record Form

This form will have been sent to you with your offer of employment, and contains personal details required for your payroll record - in particular, your National Insurance number and bank details.  If you are not in possession of the original, please see the HR Forms web page.

2. A P45

I don’t have a P45

All workers in the UK must pay income tax, the amount of which depends on how much you earn. See DirectGov – Money, Tax and Benefits for more information.  If this is the first time you have been paid in the UK, you will need to complete a P46 form and forward it to the Payroll Office.

I don’t have a National Insurance Number

Everyone who works in the UK must pay National Insurance contributions to the Government, which are used to fund social services such as healthcare, state pensions and social security.  All deductions from monthly payroll over a certain amount – £476 per month for the 2009/2010 tax year - are subject to National Insurance deductions.  The rate varies dependant on whether or not you are part of a pension scheme.

A temporary National Insurance Number will be issued to you initially, but it is essential that you obtain a unique number. This can be obtained by calling JobCentre Plus on 0845 600 0643, who will guide you through the process of obtaining a number.

My contract mentions a Pension Scheme. How do I receive details of this?
Details of the Pension Scheme were included with your Starter Pack. If you don’t wish to contribute to the Scheme please contact the Pensions Section on
When is Payday?
Payday is the penultimate working day of each month, and payment is via direct transfer into your bank account.  Payslips are provided electronically on MyView.
When will I receive my first pay?

Provided the required information is received in the Payroll Office by 14th of the month, you will receive your first month's pay at the end of that month.  If the information is received after that date, pay will be delayed for a further month.

Please be aware that the deadline for receipt of information is often earlier because of Bank Holidays.  Information about this is added to payslips, and is also available on the Payroll notice board.

Who can I speak to if I have any payroll queries?

Please call the Payroll team on 0115 951 5648, Email: or visit: University Payroll Section web pages.



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