Applying from overseas

Suggested Web Resources

A range of web resources are available to help you explore the UK Higher Education Sector and the cultural differences you may come across in learning and teaching in the UK compared to your home country.

International Staff

→  International Staff

The website for international staff moving to UK Universities (link).  A large collection of resources looking at many different aspects of teaching in UK Universities.


→  Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede’s site is a quick way to compare cultures and may help you work out how differences in approach and thinking about teaching might be solved.

Higher Education Academy

→  Higher Education Academy

The HEA is the professional body for teaching staff in Higher Education in the UK.  It offers a great deal of information and research about learning and teaching as well as running regular workshops and conferences.  It also organises and runs 24 Subject Centres which focus on the teaching of each subject / clusters of subjects.  The HEA also runs a membership scheme for experienced HE teachers and for those who have completed a recognised HE teaching qualification (such as PGCHE)

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