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Research Staff

At The University of Nottingham, we recognise that our research staff play an important role in contributing to, and maintaining, the momentum of our internationally renowned, world-class research activities.

We have a dedicated web site for research staff which offers a support network through which they can:

  • access training
  • develop their career profile
  • identify funding streams
  • stay up-to-date with University-specific and national policies
  • network with other researchers

For further information please visit the research staff web site.

Support for the University's research activities

Research and Graduate Services and Business Engagement and Innovation Services.

Research and Graduate Services supports the development and delivery of the University's Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy, and contributes expertise and guidance across the full spectrum of the University's research and doctoral training policies.

Business Engagement and Innovation Services aims to deliver business engagement and knowledge transfer objectives set out in the University's Strategic Plan and contribute expertise and guidance across the full spectrum of the University's innovation activities.

For further information please visit the links below:

RIS consists of five sections, and is supplemented by the Business Development Network, which is co-ordinated from RIS.  The five sections are as follows:

Research Business Development

This section takes the lead in organizing the activities of Research Committee, Biomedical Research Committee, Strategy Groups, Priority Groups and research policy development.

The key objectives for this section are to:

  • Work with the academic community to increase research awards, across all sponsor categories
  • Develop, maintain and implement policies and procedures which are in line with best practice for a leading research university
  • Develop business interactions which contribute to the University's objectives

Research Operations

This section works with the academic community and school managers to deliver full economic costing for all research and related activities.  It also provides contract negotiation expertise and administers the University's research and services rendered portfolio for financial and regulatory compliance with university and sponsor requirements.  The key objective of the section is to provide an effective service to its external and internal stakeholders and customers.

Technology Transfer

This section is responsible for advising on, developing and implementing the University's policies and approach to IP management, technology transfer and commercialisation.  In addition to our own legal and technology transfer expertise, there are extensive links with external experts and networks.  The key objectives are to:

  • Develop an income generating portfolio of spin out and licensing activities
  • Use the management of IP to leverage additional research awards

Research Systems and Planning

This section takes the lead in developing the University's interface with regional organisations, including providing strategic input and coordinating proposal development.  The team is also responsible for research planning and research support system developments, which include working with Schools to agree research budgets, coordinating planning and data collation for the RAE submission and developing pFACT for full economic costing.  A key objective is to increase regional funding for research and innovation activities.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School contributes to the development of the University’s postgraduate strategy and provides a range of resources to support research students and early-career researchers, including:

  • A Researcher Development Programme, targeted at postgraduate research students and early-career researchers
  • Support for HEU postgraduate scholarship funding bids at both the individual and institutional level
  • A series of events throughout the year to promote a vibrant and supportive researcher community
  • A range of resources for postgraduates, including various travel prizes and research exchange visits to Universitas 21 institutions
  • Five Graduate Centres around the University's UK campus, offering discipline-focused support to the researcher community
Technician working on machinery in Architecture and Built Environment

We believe in the pursuit of knowledge and its dissemination for the benefits of society - this is part of our social contract and goes back to the roots of this University.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that we sit amongst a handful of research intensive organisations that combine the highest quality research and scholarship with superb levels of business support, contribution to policy-making and entrepreneurship.

Nottingham has much to be proud of in this sphere, including top ratings for most of our disciplines and the prospect of a step change in our business relationships with the opening of our 2009 Innovation Park.  We remain committed to addressing global problems, to our ambition in creating impact, and to sharing that impact with our stakeholders and wider community.

Professor Chris Rudd - PVC for Knowledge Transfer and Business Engagement


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