Research in the School of Computer Science

Research in the School of Computer Science is loosely structured around eight research groups:

  • Computational Optimisation and Learning Lab (COL)
  • Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL)
  • Cyber Security (CybSec)
  • Data Driven Algorithms System and Design (DAS)
  • Functional Programming Lab (FPL)
  • Intelligent Modelling and Analysis (IMA)
  • Lab for Uncertainty in Data and Decision Making (LUCID)
  • Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL)

Each enjoys a high degree of autonomy, as a result of the School’s devolved funding model, as well as a rich set of interactions and collaborations across both the School and the wider University.

Cyber-Physical Systems research

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is an emerging interdisciplinary area at Nottingham, supported by the establishment of the Smart Products Beacon of Excellence and driving the School’s strategic expansion plan.

A new CPS Lab and Cobot Maker Space have recently been constructed within the School and we are actively seeking to expand our activities and recruit further staff in the related areas of Embodied Intelligence, Cyber Security and Cyber Health.


Wider research activity

Inter- and multidisciplinary research is particularly valued at Nottingham, and the School hosts a wide range of projects, using an equally varied set of research methods.

Our research topics span the discipline, from unified reasoning about program correctness and efficiency, to automatic detection of depression, ADHD, and ASD, to building accountability into the Internet of Things. The School has strong links across the Faculties of Science and Engineering, and beyond.

School Research

We are an active partner in several of the University’s recently-formed Beacons of Excellence, most notably Smart Products and Future Food. At the heart of these activities is a shared ethos of 'computing in the world', in which fundamental advances in computer science are connected to knowledge and methods from other disciplines to enable deep collaborations with research users in diverse sectors.

Strong support for early career researchers is a feature of the School, and we actively engage with and support applications to the Nottingham Research and Anne McLaren Fellowship programmes. An annual PhD recruitment process centres on attracting the strongest students possible to develop our research groups, and all staff benefit from an experienced Research Support and Admin Team.

Computer Science at Nottingham provides a rich set of opportunities and support for all its staff, whether they wish to focus on particular research group topics or to explore more widely. 

Research in the School of Computer Science