The Digital Research Service

The Digital Research Service (DRS) is currently looking to appoint 4 new research software engineers / data analysts to enhance its capabilities to support research within the University. 

The DRS provide expertise in the areas of Data Analytics, Bioinformatics and Research Software Engineering. This core facility supports academic researchers to realise the potential of their data and improve research quality.

The service has a proven track record of enabling, improving and impacting research on a range of projects within the University that range from small proof­-of-­concept studies with a handful of data points to large national data infrastructure projects.

In addition to assisting internal research projects, the expertise within the DRS has attracted commercial partnerships within financial, advertising, social housing, transportation and retail businesses.

As a result, the DRS can offer both unrivalled exposure to different commercial and research projects, but also leading-edge analytical techniques.

Alison Clarke

Alison Clarke Director of Digital Research

Digital Research Scientist (Health Analyst)

We are developing our health informatics team within the University as a result of our recent success in becoming a Health Data Research UK site and as the lead institute running the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre. We have an exciting opportunity to appoint a Digital Research Scientist (Health) who will bring a breadth of informatics expertise and demonstrate the application of this technical knowledge by furthering health care research. 


Research Software Engineer

We are seeking to employ a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to work specifically on a 5 year £2M Wellcome-funded project entitled “Developing cardiac electrophysiology models for drug safety studies” led by Dr Gary Mirams. The central aim of the project is to develop and improve cardiac electrophysiology models to the stage that they can be used for prediction of the risk of drug side effects on the heart when drugs are given to patients.  

Research Software Engineer

We are seeking a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to work in the DRS to provide support to a wide range of disciplines within the research landscape of the University of Nottingham. In particular, you will be supporting research with the use of HPC and/or cloud computing resources. 





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