Rolls-Royce funded PhD - Experimental and numerical studies into the wear of articulating spline couplings for aeroengine applications

Closing Date
Wednesday, 29th December 2021

Applications are invited for a PhD position at the University of Nottingham addressing the specific engineering details of the wear of articulating splines for aeroengine applications.  The successful candidate will have a first-class or upper second-class honours degree in mechanical engineering or a related subject.

This studentship will attract a stipend of £18,000 per annum for four years. The position arises from a long-standing engineering research relationship between the University of Nottingham and Rolls-Royce plc. The University of Nottingham hosts two of the (~30) University Technology Centres (UTCs) used by the company as the main engines of its engineering research and development. Nottingham’s UTC in Gas Turbine Transmissions Systems will host this studentship and the candidate will sit within a community of ~20 PhD students at various stages of their study.

Spline couplings are key power-transmission components  which allow torque to be transmitted between two shafts while also allowing for assembly/disassembly.  Building on a long history of work within the Transmissions UTC into the performance of spline couplings, this project will consider the wear behaviour of such components through both experimental and numerical studies.  Experimental work will be carried out using a new rig facility being developed in the UTC allowing the validation of newly developed modelling tools.

This project will develop the fundamental understanding and validate the modelling capabitlity to give confidence in the use of the tool for the design of spline couplings for use in high power transmission applications in aerospace.

This project is available from 1st October 2021. Applications accepted until post is filled.  Informal inquiries can be made via email to Dr Chris Bennett (

Eligibility: Due to funding restrictions this position is only available to UK candidates.

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When applying for this studentship, please include the reference number (beginning ENG and supervisors name) within the personal statement section of the application. This will help in ensuring your application is sent directly to the academic advertising the studentship.