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Culture of Arabic Language Learning


This module provides students with a basic insight into Arabic culture beginning with a general introduction to Arabic as a language before exploring geographical/historical/linguistic areas around which the culture has evolved. It is expected that knowledge gained through the course will enable students to take up Arabic language modules offered by the Language Centre, for example Inter Faculty Stages 1, 2, and 3 depending on their level of language. Students are expected to take an active part in their learning, which does involve preparation before class, active participation during, and follow-up work after, in order to learn and gain a better understanding of Arabic. 

Lecture Topics:

  1. General introduction to Arabic as Language: Placing it within the genetic classification of languages.
  2. Arabic Phonetics: Developing the skill of using transliteration schemes for Arabic sound units Based on IPA.
  3. Arabic Grammar: Overview of Arabic as an inflected language and how this fact impacts on its syntax and morphology.
  4. Pre-Islamic Arabia and the Arabs.
  5. The Arabic Heartland and Arabs in the world.
  6. Cultural characteristics of Arabic
  7. Arabs: Stereotypes and myths.
  8. Arabic traditions customs and costumes



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