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Associate Professor in Law, Faculty of Social Sciences


Expertise Summary

Michael Bowman is a graduate of the University of Nottingham, where he was awarded the LL.B. with first-class honours. He joined the teaching staff in 1973 and was appointed to Senior Lecturer in 1989. His principal teaching and research interests lie in the field of public international law, particularly international environmental law, the law of treaties and the practice of treaty-making. He is Rapporteur of the International Environmental Law Committee of the British Branch of the International Law Association and has undertaken extensive committee and consultancy work in the fields of animal welfare and environmental protection and has recently published substantial articles on the topics of wetland conservation, the protection of birds and the animal welfare dimension of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Michael Bowman also has interests in English common law. In the law of tort his particular interest is in the negligence liability of public authorities.

Research Summary

Research interests lie in the field of public international law, particularly international environmental law, the law of treaties and the practice of treaty-making.

Recent Publications

Current PhD Students

  • Fosci, Mattia: Beyond carbon markets: an analysis of selected policy approaches to reduce forest emissions and their relevance in the climate change negotiations (co-supervised with Peter Davies)
  • Garnjana-goonchorn, Intu-on Environmental Governance in Asian Developing Countries and the Legitimate Trade Subsidy Measures and Policies under the WTO Rules (co-supervised with Professor Mary Footer)
  • McGuffin, Michael Kieren: Climate Change and Environmentally Displaced Persons: A Lacuna in International Legal Protection (co-supervised with Dr Marko Milanovic)
  • Mohammed, Nicole: An Assessment of Public Participation in Selected Commonwealth Caribbean States (co-supervised with Peter Davies)
  • West, Tom: Limitations of a Human Right to the Environment: Softening the Divide between Humanity and Nature (co-supervised with Sangeeta Shah)

Recent PhD Students

  • BOWMAN, M. J., 2016. Law, legal scholarship and the conservation of biological diversity: 2020 vision and beyond. In: BOWMAN, M. J., DAVIES, P. G. G. and GOODWIN, E. J., eds., Research Handbook on Biodiversity and Law Edward Elgar.
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2013. Beyond the "Keystone" CoPs: the ecology of institutional governance in conservation treaty regimes International Community Law Review. 15(1), 5-43
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2011. Conserving biological diversity in an era of climate change: local implementation of international wildlife law treaties German Yearbook of International Law. 53, 289-339
  • BOWMAN, M.J., DAVIES, P.G.G. and REDGWELL, C.J., 2010. Lyster's international wildlife law 2nd. Cambridge University Press.
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2010. Environmental Protection and the Concept of Common Concern of Mankind.. In: FITZMAURICE, M., ONG, D. and MERKOURIS, P., eds., Research Handbook in International Environmental Law. Edward Elgar. 493-518
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2010. Business as Normal or as "Normalised"?: The Future of the International Whaling Commission Journal of Animal Welfare Law. 22-25
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2009. Transcending the fisheries paradigm: towards a rational approach to determining the future of the International Whaling Commission. New Zealand Yearbook of International Law. 7, 85-130
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2008. Ratification of Treaties: Memorandum submitted at invitation of the Joint Committee of the House of Lords and House of Commons on the Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill HL Paper 166-II; HC Paper 551-II
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2008. "Normalizing" the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling Michigan Journal of International Law. 29, 293-499
  • BOWMAN, M.J., 2007. "Normalising" the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling University of Nottingham Treaty Centre Analytical Studies Series. Available at: <>
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