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Peter Davies

Associate Professor in Law, Faculty of Social Sciences


Expertise Summary

Peter previously taught at the University of Liverpool before taking up a position at the University of Nottingham. His main teaching and research interests lie in the fields of international environmental law and EU environmental law; he has a particular interest in relation to international and EU wildlife conservation law. He is the author of European Union Environmental Law (Ashgate, 2004), co-author of Lyster's International Wildlife Law (2nd Ed., Cambridge University Press, 2010), and co-editor of the Research Handbook on Biodiversity and Law (Edward Elgar, 2016). He has additionally published in a number of leading journals and books, including the Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, the Yearbook of European Law and the British Year Book of International Law. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the New Zealand Yearbook of International Law.

Selected Publications

Current PhD Students

  • Fosci, Mattia: Beyond carbon markets: an analysis of selected policy approaches to reduce forest emissions and their relevance in the climate change negotiations (co-supervised with Michael Bowman)
  • Mohammed, Nicole: An Assessment of Public Participation in Selected Commonwealth Caribbean States (co-supervised with Michael Bowman)
  • MJ BOWMAN, PGG DAVIES and EJ GOODWIN, eds., 2016. Research Handbook on Biodiversity and Law, Edward Elgar.
  • PETER GG DAVIES, 2016. "Alien Invasive Species – is the EU’s Strategy Fit for Purpose?". In: MJ BOWMAN, PGG DAVIES, EJ GOODWIN, ed., Research Handbook on Biodiversity and Law, Edward Elgar. 184-218
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