School of Law

Public International Law

Public international law

Academic members of the School of Law have a diverse range of interests and specialities in the field of Public International Law including:

  • international security
  • conflict and post-conflict law
  • international criminal justice
  • human rights
  • environmental law
  • international economic law
  • international dispute settlement
  • international law of the sea
  • space law
  • international energy law

Much of the school's work in Public International Law is done under the auspices of the Nottingham International Law and Security Centre, with crossovers with the Human Rights Law Centre, Treaty Centre, and Criminal Justice Research Centre.

Related researchers

Research students

  • Aakriti Bhardwaj
  • Lydia Davies-Bright
  • Simon Dekeyrel
  • Rossana Deplano
  • Michelle Kelsall
  • Timothy Masiko
  • Nicole Mohammed
  • Rosella Pulvirenti


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