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Yewno Discover

Visually explore concepts across interdisciplinary fields to find unexpected connections and spark new ideas.

New: Explore Yewno from Nusearch

Thanks to the latest NUsearch upgrade, it is now easier than ever to access Yewno.

From Monday 8 February, you will see search suggestions from Yewno at the top of the NUsearch results page. From here you can simply click through to explore the suggested topics using Yewno’s visual search interface. 

Try it out with some of your frequently used keywords today.

Please share your feedback on using Yewno Discover during the trial period. Submit your feedback.


About Yewno Discover

  • Libraries are trialling the next-generation online research tool Yewno Discover until September 2021.
  • Yewno adds a new, experimental dimension to search by using artificial intelligence to map links between concepts.
  • Its visual search interface illustrates the links between topics across all academic fields and helps to identify the literature that joins them from millions of scholarly articles, books, and databases.

When should I use Yewno?

We recommend using Yewno Discover to explore and discover connections between concepts. For standard resource discovery, please use the university's library discovery tool, NUsearch.

Getting started

NUsearch widget

The easiest way to try Yewno is via NUsearch. 

  1. Search NUsearch as normal for a topic or keyword.
  2. A visualisation of search suggestions from Yewno will appear at the top of the results page.
  3. Click through from here to open the full tool and explore further.

Yewno Discover - full tool

You can access Yewno Discover with the following browsers - Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer and mobile devices are not currently supported.

  1. Follow the links to Yewno on NUsearch or access Yewno direct
  2. Log in with your University username and password (if prompted)
  3. Enter a concept in the search bar and select the most relevant option.
  4. This will create your Knowledge Map. Hover over the nodes to explore the connections.
  5. Use the slider bar to increase or decrease the Knowledge Map
  6. Use the search box to add more concepts
  7. Click on a concept or a connecting line and select Documents to display a list of resources.
  8. Click on the document to access the full-text document through University of Nottingham Libraries

Help and feedback

If you have any queries about using Yewno Discover, please email

Please share your feedback on using Yewno Discover during the trial period. Submit your feedback.

Yewno Accessibility Statement

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