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Announcement for staff using copyrighted materials in teaching

CLA data collection exercise

Example collection point

Getting royalties to authors

From 15 January to 23 February 2018 the University and the Copyright Licence Agency (CLA) will conduct a data collection exercise affecting all staff who photocopy or re-use published material for teaching purposes.

Although not an audit, the exercise will provide the CLA with indications of copying, or re-use, and enable appropriate payments to be made to the rights holders, rewarding authors, publishers and visual creators accordingly.

Between 15 January and 23 February you may see posters and yellow collection boxes at selected photocopiers/printers on every campus. 

At a glance

When: For thirty working days from 15 January – 23 February 2018. 

What: Pertains to the use of published material which is being photocopied or re-used in our institution under the terms of our copyright licence. 

Why: The licence fee paid by this Institution is held by the CLA until indications of copying, or re-use, enable appropriate payments to be made to the rights holders. This exercise helps to complete the cycle and reward the authors, publishers and visual creators accordingly.

How: Working with the CLA we will be setting up yellow collection boxes at selected photocopiers/printers including the reprographics, libraries and departments at every campus.

Instructions for photocopying from resources which include copyright content

Day to day photocopying from books, journals, magazines or any other published material which includes copyright content should be reported during the collection period.

  • Full instructions will be made available at selected photocopier/printer points. For further information please see the FAQ document.
  • Help and support around copyright can be found on our Copyright webpages.
  • You can direct any queries or seek further assistance by emailing the Copyright Officer at:

Instructions for Course Packs

The royalties data collection commences next term but the capture of course packs or compilations of extracts, for use during the 2017-18 academic year, commences henceforth.  (Course packs may also be known as module handbooks, reader packs, lecture notes, etc.). Accordingly, CLA requests a full replica copy of any such packs which may contain third party copyright material.

  • Heads of Operations have a spreadsheet to report on course packs (produced since 1 September 2017) for this academic year. If full bibliographic details are supplied there is no need to produce a printed copy of a course pack. 
  • Otherwise, printed copies of course packs can be deposited in the yellow collection boxes next to selected photocopiers/printers from 15 January. 
Posted on Monday 4th December 2017

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