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Library rooms one booking at a time


We introduced a new library room bookings system at the beginning of 2019 to make it easier for library users to book our group and individual study rooms. The new system has been really popular but we have found some library users haven't been following our guidelines, here they are as a reminder:

  • You may only have one booking of up to 3 hours per person at any one time
  • You may join up with friends in the same group and book more sessions but they must follow the bookings rules
  • If using a group study room, please make sure that you are in a group
  • If using an individual study room, please make sure just one person is using the room

If you have made more than one live booking exceeding 3 hours, please cancel your additional bookings. We will cancel additional bookings made after 14 May to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at using the library study rooms. 

Posted on Friday 10th May 2019

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