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Timing out of complex searches on Proquest databases


There have been instances when searching Proquest databases of searches failing where users are carrying out complex searches by combining search terms. 

If a complex query using many terms with truncation won’t run, or combinations of these types of statements won’t run, try the following steps:

1. Where the truncation is being used to allow for plurals, simply replace with the term in singular or plural, e.g. “symptom OR symptoms”.
2. If this is not enough, make use of limited truncation, e.g. “symptomatic*4”, i.e. [*n], where n=1-4 characters, to retrieve e.g. symptomatic OR symptomatically”.
3. If this still does not enable the search to run, then look at the remaining truncated terms and replace the truncation with the actual terms instead, e.g. change “p*ediatric*” to “pediatric OR pediatrics OR paediatric OR paediatrics”.

Posted on Thursday 31st August 2017

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