School of Life Sciences

Ann Lowe

Research Technician, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Recent Publications

  • JACKSON, J.A., FRIBERG, I.M., BOLCH, L., LOWE, A., RALLI, C., HARRIS, P.D., BEHNKE, J.M. and BRADLEY, J.E., 2009. Immunomodulatory parasites and toll-like receptor-mediated tumour necrosis factor alpha responsiveness in wild mammals BMC Biology. 7, 16
  • KOTZE, ANDREW C, LOWE, ANN, O'GRADY, JOHN, KOPP, STEVEN R and BEHNKE, JERZY M, 2009. Dose-response assay templates for in vitro assessment of resistance to benzimidazole and nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist drugs in human hookworms. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 81(1), 163-70
  • BEHNKE J.M, BUTTLE D.J, STEPEK G and LOWE A. & DUCE I.R., 2008. Developing novel anthelmintics from plant cysteine proteinases. Parasites & Vectors. 1, 29 (1-18) (In Press.)
  • STEPEK G, CURTIS R.H.C, KERRY B.R, SHEWRY P.R, CLARK S.J, LOWE A.E, DUCE I.R and BUTTLE D.J. & BEHNKE J.M., 2007. Nematicidal effects of cysteine proteinases against sedentary plant parasitic neamtodes. Parasitology (Cambridge). 134, 1831-1838 (In Press.)

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