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Ian Macdonald

Professor of Metabolic Physiology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


  • workRoom E123 The University of Nottingham Medical School
    Queen's Medical Centre
    NG7 2UH
  • work0115 82 30119
  • fax0115 82 30142

Research Summary


  • Human metabolism and dietary alterations in health and disease.
  • Fat, carbohydrate and energy metabolism, in exercise, over- and undernutrition.
  • Metabolic disturbances in obesity and diabetes.
  • Metabolic and nutritional factors affecting cognitive function.
  • Effects of nutrients on vascular function


  • Energy expenditure and body composition.
  • Hormone and metabolite assays in blood.
  • Metabolites and gene expression in biopsies of adipose tissue and skeletal muscle.
  • Measurement of whole body sensitivity to insulin, to catecholamines, and responses to single meals and dietary manipulation.
  • Assessing sympathoadrenal activity from plasma and urine catecholamines and microneurography of sympathetic nerves.
  • Non-invasive assessment of cardiovascular function.


  • Dietary control of gene expression in human skeletal muscle and adipose tissue
  • Nutrient-gene interactions in human obesity (EU FP5).
  • The effects of food products on appetite, satiety and food intake (Food industry).
  • Dietary and lifestyle factors affecting postprandial glucose levels.
  • Effects of food ingredients on vascular function (Food industry)

Centre Collaborators

  • Dr. Andy Bennett
  • Dr. Kostas Tsintzas

UK Collaborators

  • Professor Stephanie Amiel (Guy's, King's, St, Thomas's, London).
  • Professor Keith Frayn (University of Oxford).
  • Professor Des Johnston (Imperial College, London).
  • Dr Mike White, Dr Jonathan Webber, Dr Krys Matyka (University of Birmingham).

International Collaborators

  • Professor Arne Astrup, Dr Soren Toubro (RVAU, Copenhagen, Denmark).
  • Dr Mikael Sander (Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre, Denmark).
  • Dr Angelo Avogaro, Dr Alberto Maran (University of Padova, Italy).
  • Dr Tim Noakes, Dr Julia Goedecke (University of Capetown, South Africa).

Recent Publications

Future Research

Research: functional consequences of metabolic and nutritional disturbances at rest and in exercise in health, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Studies involve catecholamine measurement and assessment of sympathetic nervous activity; blood and tissue sampling for hormone levels, substrate turnover and oxidation; assessing cardiovascular and cognitive responses.

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