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Thomas Millat

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Thomas is a physicist with a longstanding interest in dynamic modelling of complex systems focusing on their responses to various environmental changes. After he did his PhD in Theoretical Physics, he moved to the newly established Group of Systems Biology & Bioinformatics at the University of Rostock. Here, Thomas began to investigate the cellular adaptation to changing environmental and intracellular conditions, including signal transduction, genetic, proteomic, and metabolic regulation, using mathematical models. Additionally, he developed methods for systems identification, data analysis, and data processing. Since several years, he has been focusing on the systems biology of microorganisms, in particular the bacteria Clostridium acetobutylicum and Bacillus subtilis and the Baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. He joined the Clostridial Research Group in October 2013. Thomas is currently working on the model-supported optimization of synthetic gas fermentation in Clostridium ljungdahlii.

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