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Dumitru Constantin-Teodosiu

Research @ Teaching, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


  • workRoom D52A The University of Nottingham Medical School
    Queen's Medical Centre
    NG7 2UH
  • work0115 82 30111
  • fax0115 82 30103

Research Summary


  • My research efforts are focused at investigating the causes of fatigue in both disease state and during exercise in humans.
  • My research interest can be also viewed as an integration of in vivo functional measurements in humans with molecular signalling pathways in muscle.


  • Measurements of human body function (respiratory and cardiovascular, strength, endurance).
  • Invasive and non-invasive measurements of human energy metabolism in whole body, tissue or single fibre level.
  • Measurements of muscle function and biochemistry
  • Measurements of human blood/tissue (heart, skeletal muscle, liver) metabolites.
  • RT-PCR, real time PCR (TaqMan probes, SYBR Green I fluorescence quantitation).
  • Protein chemistry (separation and quantification); one- and two-dimensional electrophoresis, Western blot.
  • Spectrophotometry (UV and visible), Fluorophotometry, Bio-luminescence.
  • Assays of cellular high-energy phosphates compounds in tissue and single fibre.
  • High performance liquid chromatography.
  • Radioisotopic and radio-immunoassays.
  • Enzyme kinetic assays.
  • Measurements of â-oxidation, glycogenolysis, glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid cycle, and electron transport-chain intermediaries.
  • Isolation and monitoring mitochondrial activity (O2 uptake, ATP production).
  • Rat hindlimb perfusion model

Recent Publications

Future Research

Research on skeletal and cardiac energy metabolism in health, disease and exercise.

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