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Our research examines different aspects of the immune system function in health and disease with focus on inflammatory conditions, allergy and cancer.  Research approaches comprise of clinical studies on patients alongside mechanistic work using a mix of in vivo and in vitro models.

We also have a strong interest in the use of bioengineering approaches for immune modulation, biomarker discovery and developing immune-competent tissue models.  



Specific areas of interest
  • molecular basis of allergy
  • regulation of JAK-STAT cytokine signalling in innate and adaptive immunity
  • interferons and protection from viral, bacterial and parasite infections
  • TNF-Receptor 1 signalling in autoimmune diseases
  • role of lectins in immune regulation and allergy
  • schistosomiasis and the immunology of chronic respiratory diseases

Principal investigators

Professor Mike Doenhoff

Immunology of schistosomiasis

Dr Lucy Fairclough

Immunology of irreversible lung diseases

Professor Amir Ghaemmaghami

(Academic Lead)

Allergic diseases, immune regulation, host-pathogen interaction, bioengineering 

Professor Herb Sewell

Translational human cancer studies

Dr Patrick Tighe

Autoinflammatory diseases, Post-genomic technologies 

Dr Ian Todd

Autoimmunity, autoinflammatory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Professor Uwe Vinkemeier

Host-pathogen interaction, cytokine signalling in innate and adaptive immunity




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