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Welcome to Cell Signalling and Pharmacology research at Nottingham. Our research is established around a core of internationally leading studies into the molecular pharmacology of membrane receptors and transporters, and the molecular control of intracellular trafficking. 

Our research provides fundamental insights into the understanding of receptor signalling, expanding successful novel imaging approaches developed for G protein coupled receptors to receptor tyrosine kinases, transporters and molecular motors.

We also use these insights to tackle a variety of drug discovery challenges, with particular emphasis on cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory medicine.

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Cell Signalling and


We are a core component of the joint University of Nottingham/University of Birmingham Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) where Steve Hill and Jeanette Woolard are the Nottingham Director and Deputy Director respectively.

Principal investigators

Professor Jill Baker

Drug discovery and respiratory medicine

Dr Steve Briddon

Molecular pharmacology of GPCRs

Professor Steven Charlton
Molecular pharmacology and drug discovery

Dr Billy Dunn

Cardiovascular science

Dr Claire Friel

Cytoskeletal dynamics and the mechanochemistry of motor proteins

Dr Nick Holliday

Molecular pharmacology of peptide and nutrient receptors

Professor Steve Hill
(Academic Lead)

Molecular pharmacology of GPCRs and RTKs

Dr Alistar Hume

Motor proteins and organelle transport

Dr Ian Kerr

Proteins in transmembrane flux

Dr Vera Ralevic

Cardiovascular science

Professor Michael Randall

Vascular endothelium

Dr Richard Roberts

Cardiovascular pharmacology

Dr Liz Rosethorne
Drug Discovery

Dr Vince Wilson

Autonomic pharmacology

Dr Jeanette Woolard

Cardiovascular pharmacology and VEGF function


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