School of Life Sciences
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Researchers in the Genetics, Ecology and Evolution research theme study animals in their environments, finding out how genes create organisms, and how organisms adapt to their surroundings.

We examine fundamental genetic processes including:

  • human genetic variation in health and disease
  • the origins and evolution of domestic and wild species

We also carry out behavioural, immunological and ecological investigations in many animal groups.

Our research is funded by a variety of research councils and charities.


Genetics, Ecology and


Principal investigators

Professor John Armour

Human genome analysis and genetic diversity

Jerzy Behnke (Emeritus)

Parasitology of mammals

Professor Jan Bradley

Host-parasite relationships

Professor John Brookfield
(Academic Lead)

Population genetics and genome evolution

Dr William Brown

Genetics and evolution of centromere assembly in vertebrates and fission yeast

Dr Angus Davison

Evolutionary and developmental genetics

Kate Durrant

Animal Behaviour, sexual selection and trade-offs

David Feary

Animal behaviour, marine biology and coral reef biology

Professor Francis Gilbert

Evolution, ecology, behaviour and conservation

Dr Sara Goodacre

Evolution, population and conservation genetics of spiders

Professor Oliver Hanotte

Genetic polymorphisms controlling gene expression in eukaryotes

Dr Helen Knight

Brain genomics

Dr Andrew MacColl

The role of ecology in driving natural selection

Dr Tamsin Majerus

Genetics and evolution of bacteria-insect interactions

Professor Kevin Morgan

Alzheimer's disease

Dr Tom Reader

Evolutionary, behavioural and population ecology of animals

Dr Paul Scotting

Cancer biology and early vertebrate development

Dr Chris Wade

Evolutionary relationships in the planktonic foraminifera and pulmonate land snails and slugs


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