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Utilising state-of-the-art technology such as genome editing and high throughput sequencing, research within our theme addresses the fundamental principles of cell biology, including:

  • genome biology
  • cell functions
  • signal transduction
  • stem cell specification
  • molecular mechanisms of diseases

Our research is supported through grants from the Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, BHF, EU, Royal Society, Charities and Industry.


Molecular Cell Biology
and Development


Specific areas of interest

  • Genome biology including DNA repair and transposition, chromosome dynamics and organisation of the oocyte nucleus

  • Cell morphology, motor proteins and cytoskeletal dynamics

  • Signal transduction pathways regulating cellular responses

  • Gene regulatory networks determining cell fate

  • Evolution of pluripotency and primordial germ cell specification

  • Specification of embryonic and adult blood stem cells

  • Signal transduction pathways that modulate malaria parasite development and parasite-host interaction

  • Molecular mechanisms regulating heart formation and vascular biology

  • Molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular, bone, skeletal muscle and neurodegenerative diseases

  • Developmental biology utilising drosophila, zebrafish, xenopus, axolotl, chick and mouse model systems


Principal investigators

Dr Lynn Bedford

26S proteasome function in neurodegenerative diseases

Dr Ed Bolt

Chromosone dynamics and DNA repair

Professor Ronald Chalmers

Molecular mechanisms and biological consequences of DNA transposition

Dr Marios Georgiou

Cell morphogenesis

Dr Martin Gering

Haematopoietic stem cells

Professor Andrew Johnson

Germ cell specification

Dr Rob Layfield

Dysfunction of ubiquitin-mediated processes

Dr Lopa Leach

Vascular Biology

Dr Matt Loose

Gene regulatory networks

Dr Siobhan Loughna

Formation of the heart and vascular systems

Dr Andrew Renault

Development of the embryonic gonad and airway (tracheal) system in drosophila

Professor Fred Sablitzky
(Academic Lead)

Cell fate determination

Professor Peter Shaw

Elk-1 and STAT3 function in cell proliferation and cancer

Professor Rita Tewari

Signalling pathways modulating malaria parasite development

Dr Sally Wheatley

Cytoskeleton and cell morphology



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