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Neuroscience research at Nottingham includes:

  • fundamental neuronal development
  • signalling and function with a focus on pain
  • neuroinflammation
  • neurobiology of common CNS disorders

Members of the theme have made significant research progress on the identification of novel therapeutic targets using an integrated in vivo approach.

Substantial funders include the Arthritis Research UK who funded our Centre of Excellence in Arthritis Pain, BBSRC, EU FP7, FRAME and the Wellcome Trust.





Industrial funding and collaborations include Shire PharmaceuticalsRocheLilly, and Pfizer, demonstrating the success of this approach and importance of our work towards drug development.

Principal investigators

Dr Steve Alexander

Pharmacology and biochemistry of G-protein-coupled receptors

Dr Tomas Bellamy

Bi-directional communication between neurons and glia in brain physiology

Dr Andrew Bennett

Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

Dr Angus Brown

Energy metabolism in the brain

Professor Victoria Chapman
(Academic Lead)

Physiology and pathophysiology of nociceptive and treatment of pain

Dr Federico Dajas-Bailador

Axonal growth and neural cell polarisation

Dr Lucy Donaldson

Neuronal signalling in chronic pain

Professor Fran Ebling

Hypothalamic control of energy metabolism and reproductive maturation

Dr Tracy Farr

Professor Kevin Fone

Role of 5-hydroxytryptamine in neurological and mental disorders

Dr Gareth Hathway

Neurobiological processes underlying pain

Dr Madeleine King

Pharmacology of mephedrone and MDMA

Dr Ian Mellor

Neuronal networks electrophysiology

Dr Marie-Christine Pardon

Behavioural and cognitive changes underlying psychiatric diseases

Dr Paul Smith

Molecular pharmacology of somatostatin and growth hormone on endocrine cells

Dr Maria Toledo-Rodriguez

Resilience to psychiatric disease at the cellular and molecular level

Dr Rebecca Trueman

Stroke and Huntington's Disease



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