Manuscripts and Special Collections

Frequently Asked Questions about the Reading Room


Do I need to be a member of the University to consult manuscripts and special collections at Nottingham?

No, but admission is allowed to external researchers at the Keeper's discretion.

You will need to be registered as a user in the Reading Room and bring proof of identity. You will then be issued with a Reader's Ticket which you should bring on any subsequent visit.

Do I need to make an appointment to consult manuscripts and special collections?

Yes, it is important to make an appointment and to let the Reading Room know in advance what you are likely to wish to consult.  


Please contact us in advance.

Is there any charge for the use of manuscripts and special collections?
No, there is no charge for consulting any material held in the Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections.
Are you open in the evenings or weekends?

See full details of opening hours.


Contact us to request group evening meetings.

Is the use of cameras or hand-held scanners permitted in the Reading Room?

The University of Nottingham allows researchers to make digital photographs of some documents and books in the Reading Room, subject to guidance and conditions. Copying is restricted due to factors such as physical condition, ownership rights and copyright legislation which affect much of the material in our holdings. For further details please see our Reprographics Policy.

Readers must always seek permission before attempting to copy any material in the Reading Room using photographic or scanning technology of any kind, including mobile phones and can only use such equipment under staff supervision.




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