School of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Building


Mathematical Sciences Building


The School of Mathematical Sciences is located in a state-of-the-art building at the heart of University Park Campus.

The creation of a dedicated and specifically designed facility to co-locate the school has enabled us to build on our strengths and successes. By taking advantage of the creative space for research, teaching, collaborative learning, social activity and administration, the new building will enable us to meet the new challenge and opportunities of the 21st century and ensure its reputation and relevance continues to grow.



The facility features workspace areas for academic staff, postgraduates, undergraduates and administrative staff, all arranged around a central atrium. This central open core brings daylight into the heart of the building as well as providing a striking open space around which undergraduate facilities are arranged.




The building has been designed to contribute positively to the educational process by carefully integrating academics and students throughout all levels of the building, thereby providing numerous opportunities for social and academic interaction as people move around the building.


In addition to the office accommodation, there are:


A range of work rooms and study areas




Computer room



Common rooms and Breakout 'pod's'



Small discussion areas and seminar rooms



Large adjoining lecture theatre 




School of Mathematical Sciences

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