School of Mathematical Sciences

External Seminar: Konstantin Shramov (Steklov Institute, HSE)

Physics C27
Friday 14th October 2016 (16:00-17:00)
Yves van Gennip

[Algebra and Analysis]

Konstantin Shramov (Steklov Institute, HSE)

Groups of birational selfmaps

Given a field k of zero characteristic and a finitely generated field K over k, one may be interested in the properties of the group of automorphisms of K over k. From a geometric point of view this is (roughly) equivalent to studying the group of birational automorphisms of some variety over k. In general, such groups are hard to understand, but using techniques of the Minimal Model Program one can access them on the level of finite subgroups. In particular, it appears that finite subgroups of such groups share surprisingly many properties with subgroups of linear algebraic groups over k.



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