PGR Research Day

Wednesday 22nd November 2023 (13:00-18:00)
Event Convenor Contact:
Speaker's Name: PGR Students
Speaker's Affiliation: Mathematical Sciences
Speaker's Research Theme(s): School of Mathematical Sciences,
The PGR Research Day is planned for Wednesday (Nov 22nd), from 1pm until we run out of wine. All talks are in the Trent Building. Please do your best to attend the talks you find relevant and give feedback to our fantastic students. The coffee break is at 3pm in room LG9 which has a relatively low capacity (30 people) but we can use the corridors and other seminars rooms around (LG11, LG14) and the terrace (I hope) for chatting. At 5pm we’ll have some (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) drinks at the Senate Chamber.

Venue: Trent Building
Online Conference Link: Schedule available here:

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