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Dan Goldwater

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In 2012 I completed my MPhys degree at the University of Sussex. I then went to Imperial, where I joined the Centre For Doctoral Training in Controlled Quantum Dynamics. I completed my MRes through there in 2014, and began my PhD. I worked with Professor Peter Barker at University College London - primarily on developing ways of testing dynamical reduction models - completing my PhD in 2018.

Expertise Summary

My background has consisted mostly of work on collapse theories. This is a collection of theories which make modifications to the Schrödinger equation which would ultimately resolve the measurement problem - they aim to give a single, consistent theory which can describe the world at both quantum and classical scales, and provide an explanation of the transition between the two. My PhD consisted of proposing specific ways in which such theories could be tested using the toolkit of optomechanics. The fact that these theories are testable not only in principle but, in fact, in practice within the near future gives an incredible opportunity; debates about how to interpret quantum mechanics which have existed since its inception might be resolved within the next few decades.

At Nottingham I'm continuing to work on models of wavefunction collapse, now with an emphasis on the model of Objective Reduction proposed by Penrose. I'm looking at ways of testing this model, and further at how any positive experimental results could be distinguished from those predicted by other, similar models. A key feature of testing any collapse mechanism is a careful analysis of the noise affecting your system - since any decohering effects from the environment threaten to overshadow those of collapse. Modelling the noise affecting such experiments is a key component of my work.

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