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2018/19 cohort


Jack Broad MASS PhD Student 2018/19 cohort
Jack Broad 
Project: Sustainability applications of first-principles calculation of physical properties, via machine learning
Supervisors: Richard Graham (Mathematical Sciences), Simon Preston (Mathematical Sciences), Richard Wheatley (Chemistry).
Heather Collins - MASS PhD Student - 201819- cohort
Heather Collis
Project: Mathematical Modelling of Hormone regulated rice root growth
Supervisors: Leah Band (Biosciences / Mathematical Sciences), Markus Owen (Mathematical Sciences), Malcolm Bennett (Biosciences).
Mikolaj Swiderski - MASS PhD Student 201819 cohort
Mikolaj Swiderski 
Project: Mathematical modelling of the effect of temperature stress on crop fertility

Supervisors: John King (Mathematical Sciences), Simon Preston (Mathematical Sciences), Zoe Wilson (Biosciences).


2017/18 cohort

Alistair Delboyer profile

Alistair Delboyer

Project: Evaluation of the thermal impacts of open water heat pumps on ambient conditions in rivers
Supervisors: Matthew Scase (Mathematical Sciences), Matthew Hubbard (Mathematical Sciences), Matt Johnson  (Geography)
Mayo Akele profile

Omomayowa Oluwaseun Akele 

Project: Ensuring sustainability of drinking water resources by optimising energy efficiency for desalination techniques

Supervisors: Matteo Icardi (Mathematical Sciences), John King (Mathematical Sciences),Veerle Vandeginste (Chemistry)

2016/17 cohort

lorna-burnell-profile Lorna Burnell (click for profile)
Project: Risks to global water resources from geoengineering the climate with solar radiation management
Supervisors: Ian Dryden (Mathematical Sciences), Nick Mount (Geography), Markus Owen (Mathematical Sciences) and Simon Gosling (Geography)
chris-lanyon-profile Chris Lanyon
Project: Evaluating antimicrobial resistance in dairy farming
Supervisors: John King (Mathematical Sciences), Rachel Gomes (Engineering), Theo Kypraios (Mathematical Sciences) and Dov Stekel (Biosciences)
hayley-mills-profile Hayley Mills
Project: Shaping sustainable food production through understanding plant calcium dynamics
Supervisors: Ruediger Thul (Mathematical Sciences), Stephen Coombes (Mathematical Sciences) and Darren Wells (Biosciences)
emily-mitchell-profile Emily Mitchell
Project: Statistical analysis of agricultural/soils/climate to aid food security under environmental change
Supervisors: Andy Wood (Mathematical Sciences), Neil Crout (Biosciences), Gilles Stupfler (Mathematical Sciences) and Paul Wilson (Biosciences)
ernst-schafer-profile Ernst Schäfer
Project: Mathematical modelling for sustainable crops
Supervisors: Markus Owen (Mathematical Sciences), Malcolm Bennett, Jonathan Lynch (Biosciences) and Leah Band (Biosciences / Mathematical Sciences)
oliver-smith-profile Oliver Smith
Project: The Price of Anarchy in smart energy networks: designed versus emergent behaviours
Supervisors: Keith Hopcraft (Mathematical Sciences), John Crowe (Engineering) and Reuben O’Dea (Mathematical Sciences)


2015/16 cohort

edward-acheampong-profile Edward Acheampong (click for profile)
Project: The impact of user behaviour on waste water constituents and consequent water treatment
Supervisors: Ian Dryden, Jonathan Wattis (Mathematical Sciences), Rachel Gomes (Engineering), Jamie Twycross (Computer Science)
teague-johnstone-profile Teague Johnstone
Project: Opening the black box: understanding the mechanisms and behaviours of data-driven water resource models
Supervisors: Ian Dryden, Matt Scase (Mathematical Sciences), Nick Mount, Bob Abrahart (Geography)
chris-miles-profile Chris Miles
Project: Modelling the fabrication of organic solar cells
Supervisors: Kris van der Zee (Mathematical Sciences), Rod MacKenzie (Engineering) and Matthew Hubbard (Mathematical Sciences)
time-whitely-profile Tim Whiteley
Project: Integrated whole system modelling and optimisation of city resource flows

Supervisors: Markus Owen, Daniele Avitabile (Mathematical Sciences), Darren Robinson (Engineering), Peer-Olaf Siebers (Computer Science)

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