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Student profiles

Lorna Burnell
PhD Mathematics
Whilst studying for my BSc in Geography at the University of Nottingham, I heard about the Modelling and Analytics for a Sustainable Society (MASS) Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) through one of my undergraduate lecturers.
Edward Acheampong
PhD Mathematics
My interest in Mathematics dates back to my early childhood. I have always excelled in mathematics and mathematics-related subjects in senior high school. My motivation for pursuing a BSc in Mathematics stems from my understanding of the importance of mathematics in formulating and solving real-world problems. Two years of extensive study during my Master of Statistics degree with specialization in Biostatistics, and five years of working as a lecturer / researcher in statistics inspired me pursue a doctorate degree in Mathematics. My research topic is entitled “The impact of user behaviour on wastewater constituents and consequent water treatment”. 

Iker Perez Lopez 
PhD Probability 

Iker talks about his reasons behind studying probability and the facilities available. 


Tom Wicks
PhD Mathematics

Tom tells us about his PhD, and why he chose to progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study at Nottingham.

Sohail Chand
PhD Mathematics
The School of Mathematical Sciences is among one of the top rated places in the UK. There are opportunities to do research in Statistics, Pure and Applied Mathematics. Here we have a big community of international students, especially from Pakistan, China, Malaysia, and Arab countries.

Tom Bennison
PhD Mathematics

Tom talks about the teaching opportunities for PhD students.


Lindsey Macdougall
PhD in Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Lindsey is looking at diseases of the eye and modelling mathematically what might be causing these diseases. Here she talks about her supervisors, how she undertakes her research and the conferences she has attended.

Thomas Blann
PhD in Pure Mathematics

I really enjoy teaching in the undergraduate problems classes and giving something back to the students. As a PhD student, the camaraderie between us is very good as we are all working towards the same goal - for example, we have a weekly seminar group run by the students of number theory which is aimed specifically at our learning needs but because we are all interested in the topics and it is a relaxed atmosphere, it is really conducive to working.

I've always found the staff to be helpful - often, if I go to see someone out of their set office hours and they are free, they will take time to talk to me and if they aren't sure on something, they will point me towards someone else who might know better.

I am President of the hillwalking club which runs a walk in the Peak District every Sunday and has a different social every Wednesday. It's a great way to meet new people and escape from Nottingham for the day to relax and forget about work. I also organise 5-a-side football matches each week for maths postgraduates and lecturers. I'm also a member of the glider club as well as the snooker and pool club.

There is a great social atmosphere at the university - so much so that it can be hard to find time to work sometimes! One of the things I like most about The University of Nottingham is that there is always something going on and something for everyone - from free monthly quizzes organised by the Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA) to nearly 300 different clubs and societies.

I would advise becoming as involved in the university as possible - whether that be joining the Maths Society and going on socials, or running for a committee position on another club or society, or writing an article for the student newspaper.


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