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Rachel Penney 
MMath Mathematics 

"I was encouraged to study maths because I was the subject I found most enjoyable at A Level, and I was keen to learn more and see how far it could take me. I really liked my visit to the university on an Open Day, where I saw the whole campus and spent time in the maths department.  The course is flexible with lots of optional modules which suits me because going into university I did not know what sort of Mathematics I would like most.

The lecturers are really friendly and are more than willing to stop and chat. They are knowledgeable and enthusiastic explaining concepts well, making lectures enjoyable. My personal tutor is friendly and has been there for me with careers advice. Office hours for each lecturer are a great chance to pop in with any specific module questions.
There is a lot of support in the first year to help people transitioning into university studies. I went to a few drop-in classes with the Teaching Officer to repeat some of the core material at a slower pace. This helped me to gain confidence in how I was tackling the problems class questions, and speaking with friends on the course was really helpful. Personally I found the step up to university was much easier than expected, though the material covered is much more interesting than at A Level.

I use the undergraduate work room with friends to study during the day and often go to the computer room to use the specialist programmes for my dissertation.

It’s great on campus bumping into friends, and there is lots of space to meet up and chat. I found life in halls of residence a really social environment where there are lots of organised events and entertainment. Most of all now I enjoy socialising in my sports club, trampolining and housemates.

I have been involved in the Trampoline club from my first year at Nottingham and am President of the club in my final year. We have three sessions a week which are held on campus with coaches and we often take weekends away at competitions together. It’s a really fun activity and I’ve made great friends within the club.

Enjoy it! Do get involved in anything that takes your interest from sport to politics. Socialise with as many people on the Maths course as you can because it’s fun studying together and supporting each other whenever the work load gets a bit harder.

I would like to move into actuarial work, which will use my statistical knowledge within the insurance or pensions industries. It will take many more years to professionally qualify, though I receive one exam exemption by studying Maths here. I am looking forward to having an internship in the actuarial pensions department at Ernst and Young this summer."


Sanaa Chaudhry
BSc Mathematics 
"I chose to study Mathematics at The University of Nottingham because of the extreme level of support that the academic staff provide within your first year of university. I feel that the transition between mathematics at A-level and at university is a huge step, however, knowing the fact that the school had a dedicated teaching support officer, made it easier for me to make my choice of studying at the university of Nottingham, as this was one of my main concerns before I started university. 

I like the range of different types of Maths that exists and the way that you can pick and choose certain modules depending on what you enjoy best. For example, if you enjoy studying Statistics more than Pure maths, you can choose modules that are more statistics based rather than Pure. 

I feel that the University made the transition to university a lot easier than I would have thought it to be. This is because we had a member of academic staff who was able to assist us with any problems that we had throughout our first year of university. Hence, this meant that we were not thrown into the deep end straight away. 

The new mathematical and sciences building has been designed to meet the needs of both students and staff. There are a number of silent study rooms, as well as group study rooms of which I have made use of. This has been fantastic, as it has enabled us to work together in small groups and work on various homework’s or just revision. As well as this, there is an area where students can just relax and spend social time together throughout the day. 

I have found the academic staff excellent. They have always taken time out if I’ve needed to go to get a bit of help, and are willing to assist with any problem no matter if its big or small. Even if its close to exams time, when the pressure is on, the staff are still happy to help everyone. There have been times, when I’ve thought I’ve understood something, gone back to do it myself and have forgotten even the most simplest of things. They don’t judge you they say ‘fine you make mistakes, you forget things,’ and they’re happy to go over it again. That’s really encouraging and it’s nice to know that I’ve got that support, especially when it comes to exam period. 

Make sure you are passionate about Maths, and up for a challenge. It is a lot tougher than A-Levels, but at the same time the supports fantastic, and is there if you need it. There are great facilities within the school of mathematics and around the campus, which is a massive bonus. Course-wise as long as you stay on top of your work it should be fine. The main thing with maths that you’ve probably learnt by now is that it’s just a case of practise, practise and more practise. The good thing about the degree is that it’s a yes or no answer so you’re not going to be penalised for what you think, so it fine, the bottom line is that you just have to keep on top of your work at all times. 

I’m in the process of applying to different jobs at the moment and I would like to go down the finance route. In the long run I think I want to go on to become an accountant, but there’s a lot more exams involved and I think I need a little bit of a break. So perhaps work for a company which lets me rotate, see what other opportunities there are available and then perhaps in a couple of year’s time if I’m ready, go down that route."


Paras Shah 

BSc Mathematics and Economics 



Lindsey Edgar
BSc Maths and Management Studies

Lindsey describes how innovative technology helps her to learn.



joespragginsJoe Spraggins
BSc Mathematics

Joe talks about why he's glad he chose Nottingham



Priya Lanka
MMath Mathematics

"Nottingham University has an excellent reputation and it is one of the best Universities in the country. The reason I chose to study Maths is because a 4 year undergraduate course was offered and this was appealing to me as I have always wanted to study for a Masters. After having been to visit the University on a visit day, I fell in love with the campus! I loved the fact that it was closed and away from town making it easy separate your work life from your social life.

I enjoy the variety of subjects taught on this course. It takes Maths to a completely new level and it is interesting to learn the applicability of Maths into everyday life. I like learning about computer programs used throughout the course, and also the interactive examples classes provided by the lecturers. The variety of learning techniques makes the course interesting and in turn, enjoyable.

Joining Uni may seem like a scary thought, but everyone around you is in the same situation as you are, and you quickly find yourself making friends. I found that I got a huge confidence boost when first joining, and I love the freedom and independence that comes with it. The academic side is a challenge but in a good way, as it enabled me to improve my learning techniques, that I hadn’t acquired at A-level, and also helped me to expand my skill set which is essential for the future.

I spend most of my time in the new Maths building as the facilities there are excellent. There are individual group study rooms which are great for working together, and they are closely situated to the lecturers’ offices making it easy to meet up with them. There is also a silent study facility which is perfect for working independently, and getting your work done on time with no distractions! 

In my first year I was involved in a few sport societies including Girls football and badminton. In 2nd year I was involved in Netball and represented Hindu society in tournaments against other Universities. This year I mainly helped to organise charity events with Hindu society and raised a lot of money for our chosen charity, and I am also treasurer for a Cultural society known as Krishna Consciousness. This involves managing the Grant money provided by the University for the Upkeep of your society.

I find that there is a lot to be involved in within Notts University and there are always several events going on. There is an efficient social committee that update students on social events such as Club nights and quizzes in the Den (the on-campus bar). The Portland building is a great place to relax and chill out too and it is situated at the heart of campus so always easy to get to.

The school staff are very friendly and can answer any questions or problems I have relating to the course. A personal tutor is assigned to you when starting Uni and tutorials are always put in place to check your progress throughout. When making module selections the academic staff are extremely helpful and informative, which is ideal as it is always essential to identify what your strengths/weaknesses and likes/dislikes are in Maths.

To get the best out of a Maths degree you need to be 100% sure that you enjoy Mathematics and have a true passion for it. It is a good idea to be prepared for what is coming and have an idea of what to expect. This can be done by attending one of our Visit days, talking to students and staff, and thoroughly reading about the course.

I would like to have a career in the Finance industry, specifically working in the Analyst division. I feel there are many various opportunities to progress in this field, and it would be an excellent use of the skills obtained from my degree. I thoroughly enjoy Statistics and problem solving, and would like a career related to these areas."


Hannah Williams
MMath Mathematics 

Hannah explains why it is important to choose the right degree.


Loukia Pantelli
BSc Mathematics and Management

"I visited University of Nottingham for an open day and was amazed by the campus and the student opportunities that were available.

I enjoy the fact that my joint honours degree provides me with problem solving skills and a knowledge of how the markets work.

As a foreign student the transition to the university was harder than others. Everyone here was friendly and helpful. My tutor especially was very supportive not only in matters related to my university life but also in personal level matters.

I mostly use the libraries in order to study and spend my time in between my lectures. Also I eat in the university restaurants and cafes.

As a Cypriot I am a member of the Cypriot society which organized parties very often.

University’s social life is very active. Maths school organizes many social events. Also the there are some international events that the school organizes in order for foreign students to visit other cities in the UK.

The staff of Maths is very helpful. Any queries can be answered by asking.

Be social and make a lot of friends. University is one opportunity in a lifetime. Although do not leave studying behind. Mathematics in university is not like in the a’ levels.

I am going to pursue a career in the Financial Services sector. I am going to have a masters degree in Financial Mathematics."


Ngoc Tran
MMath Mathematics

"I chose to study mathematics because it was the subject which I enjoyed studying the most and the career prospects after graduation are broad ranging. 

The subject is challenging and intellectually stimulating. The staff at Nottingham are ever so approachable and supportive. I feel well trained and looked after here.

The transition to university was OK as a lot of support was given and the material taught was designed to help with the transition.

Mathematics by nature is a challenging subject however it is also very interesting and intellectually stimulating and the careers prospective as well as the transferable skills are highly valued by employers. The staffs are very approachable and supportive; they always try their best to help you with every step of your journey. So work hard, enjoy your course and your time at Nottingham University and take advantage of all the opportunities to gain experience and develop your skills. 

Once I have graduated I hope to go into either research or management."


Jennifer Shepherd
BSc Mathematics

"I was really impressed by the open day here – it was well organised and I got lots of advice from the students and staff. Plus, I like the fact that it was a self-contained campus but still close to the city – I didn’t want to go anywhere that was too small and quiet.

One of the biggest things about my course is the amount of choice we have, which means I can study the modules I’m interested in. My favourite area is calculus – it’s very logical – and I’m enjoying the teaching module, too. Having coursework for many of the modules makes going into exams easier. I would suggest keeping all your notes from A-level and never be afraid to talk to lectures about things that you don’t understand.

The staff at Nottingham are very cheerful and helpful. If I’ve been ill and missed a lecture, they’ve been really supportive. Most of them make lectures fun too, which is quite something in maths! The facilities are good as well – there are a few modules where you have to use IT and all the computers are loaded with software you need.


I’ve got involved with the Student Volunteer Centre – I volunteered in local schools and was invited to the National Student Volunteering Conference. That was a really good experience – there were lots of seminars and workshops on topics like encouraging more people to get involved, effective campaigning and managing meetings. Last year I was also treasurer of the Palestinian Society.

After I graduate, I want to go into teaching. Coming to Nottingham has given me so many opportunities to work with children, and that‘s encouraged me to decide teaching is what I want to do." 


Paul Milburn
BSc Mathematics
Once I had discovered the area of mathematics that I was most suited to I really enjoyed the variety of modules that were available. Game Theory and Graph Theory were two that stand out in my memory. As a mathematics tip I would say spend the first year discovering where your subject strengths and weaknesses are and then start specialising in the second year. I also found that I learnt better if the class sizes were smaller.

I really enjoyed my time at university like most of my friends did. The most difficult thing is getting the balance right between study and socialising. The academic staff were very friendly and helpful throughout most of my studies.

There was a project module that we had to complete in the final year where we looked at solving various mathematical problems and paradoxes. I really enjoyed this class as it was one of the maths classes which was really interactive and involved a lot of discussion and group work.

Just as a general tip I would say make the most of the social clubs and societies that are available while at University. At no other time in your life will such a variety of activities be available at such a low cost and with everybody roughly the same age. It is a great opportunity to try something new and meet some really great people that you share a passion with.

I am currently working as a Software Development Project Manager for 4energy ltd, a Nottingham based company specialising in cooling electronic and industrial equipment. In my current role I am using vector analysis to solve simple airflow equations, so my maths experience is really helpful there. I have also been involved in financial roles before my current employment and a mathematics background was very useful even if it was indirectly." 


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